Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Information on Metal Leaf

I had post on this project asking me some questions. I am sorry I did not do go directions on this project. So let try this again.
1) Stamp Damask three time onto glossy cardstock (white) using Paletter "stamp and stick Gluepad" by Stewart Superior. As direction for this product will tell you. You will need to heat the three stamp image with your embossing gun or blow dryer. By heating the Stamp and Stick you make this product sticky. While it stick you can add your Metal Leaf. Metal leaf comes in many different color - I used the Green Leaf for this product.
2) Did the same technique as step on for the "thanks" stamp
3) Add some pattern paper and you have another great card. Think about this techquine for a Christmas Card. I know I am.........
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