Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas book

I just love to make mini books and the paper's from the Robin Nest are perfect to play with.

Here is the Front cover, I used the Christmas Tree Papers as an accent, I cut the tress out and added Dew Drops to them.  See How I used the Christmas Glitter Word Paper to add my Merry Christmas.  
Here is a Side view of the book - Size of the book is 9" x 6" x 4" - this large side allow for lots of embellishments.  As you see I kept my simple.  I have too much fun on the inside pages.  

There is a total of 6 pocket pages in this book, Each Page has three pockets for Tags,  You can never have too many tags to add photo or journaling.  Again I use the Christmas Glitter Words Paper to had the "December 25"  to my pocket
Here is a top view of the 6 pocket pages I have in my book, You can see also some of the tags.  I hope you stop by The Robin Nest store and see all their wonderful Christmas papers.  Did I tell you they are on sale???  20% off certain Christmas Paper's.  Stop by their blog also, to see more ideas.  

Hope you have a great holiday
Terri Sproul 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am Thankful

I am truly Thankful for 
all the amazing people I get to work with
The Products I get to play with
and blog post I get to write
the people who read and comment on my post

so I guess I am very thankful for

Terri Sproul

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Art Journal - layering with Stencils

I love STENCILS..  Oh, how I do...
and Art Journals allows me to play

Most of you Know I do a Live show on Tuesday Nights 
Tuesday the 26th I did a Show about Stencils

It's Thanksgiving Time and I want to talk about something we are Thankful for
but not the normal stuff, like family, health, etc...  

I am THANKFUL for Coffee every day!  LOL

Dylussions - Ranger Ink
Distressed Ink - Ranger Ink 
Stencils from The Crafter's Workshop
Memories Spray by Stewart Superior

Here is last night show - Please give me a thumb up and subscribe to my channel 

Thanks again for stopping by.
Terri Sproul

Monday, November 25, 2013

DID YOU hear about THIS???

This is very exciting to announce
has Mask for each of their stamps

Here is a video on how to use masks

Thanks for stopping by.
Terri Sproul

Be Happy - Art Journal

I just love to play  in my Art Journal
BE Happy

This Art Journal Page is playing with Stencils and LOTS of layers.  I am teaching this Technique on my Live show on Tuesday Night -  - go to my Youtube channel on Tuesday at 
9PM EST (New York Time)
click on the Live show called "art Journal with Stencils"
you should be join me LIVE

I will also have a live LINK on my Facebook Page.  

thanks and see ya then
Terri Sproul 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall mirror

I just love all the colors of Fall..  the reds, yellows, oranges, they just make me happy.  But sad to say these color are only here for a few days.  How can i keep them always?  Art, is always the right answer - off to my studio

sorry about the photo, I did not think when I made it how hard it would be to photograph it.  but I think you get the idea.

1.  Start off with a white cardstock and color with my NiJi Olil Pastels using the red, yellows and oranges to make a wonderful background - blend each color into the other.

2.  I found this mirror at the local art store (on sale) and painted it with Orange paint.  Can you see that this mirror was a flower shape?
3.  I stamp onto the Color cardstock that I created with my personal line of stamps from SinCity Stamps.  I love this Leave plate of stamps, I created.  Lots of great things plan for them.

4.  I cut each leaf out by hand and paste each of them on the wood mirror frame with Nori paste from Niji .  I love the way this whole project worked out.  Sorry again about not get that perfect photo.  

How easy was that project?  Only four steps, so next time you see a mirror or frame, you know what to created with it.  

thanks again for stopping by

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Art journal watercolor resist

Each Tuesday Night, I do a FREE Live show and teach you a fun technique.  This week, we played with a resist technique.  Here how we did it.

Graphic 45 Kits still available: CLICK HERE 

SinCity Stamps - Natural Beauty
White Embossing Powder
Tim Hotlz Distressed Paints
Sincity Stamps - Music Notes
Stencil - Hand made or Purchased
PPA - Perfect Paper Adhesive - UsArtQuest 

Here is the Video for Tuesday Show, Join me NEXT Tuesday at
9PM EST (New York Time)

Thanks again
Terri Sproul

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas ornament blog Hop with The Robin Nest

I am so excited and Honored to be apart of this blog hop, hope you like my ornament
If you found this first - please start at the Chattering Robin's Blog 

How can you NOT love Dew Drops - so many color and shapes to play with. 
First off I Painted my Smoothfoam snowflake with 

The Best part about using Terri Srpoul's Mixer's and 3-D Crystal Lacquer is that Crystal Lacquer 
act as an adhesive.  so I just had to place the Dew Drops on the wet Paint and they will stick

I added a wire loop at the top to hang my ornament from - use the Crystal Lacquer here too to make sure it will stay.  

I did all the side of the snowflake too.
Thanks for stopping by 
make sure you leave me a comment so you will be enter to win a prize

Terri Sproul 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Art Journal - Water color for Beginner's

Cycle of Life

Steampunk Spell and Graphic 45 Kits:

Gel Bead Gel:  Gelato's - just a tip from last show
Gel Medium - I love Golden's
India Ink
SinCity Stamps and Masks
Dylusions stamps - this old House
Dylusions Sprays and water
Liqueitex Ink
Watercolors:  Niji
Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolors:
Yasutomo Oil Pastel
Joy of Stamping Stamp Cleaner and hand Cleaner
Art Paper - hand made papers

Tonight lesson is about Oil and water do not mix.  so you can use oil Pastel as a resist with watercolors.  I used Dylusion Sprays as my watercolor.

You can see the resist of the Oil Pastel here.  It's the little house cute

Love the detail in the Leaf stamps

Here is the video from Tuesday Show - please join me Live on Tuesday starting at
9PM EST (New York Time)
You go to my channel and look for the live show or I post the link on my Facebook page on Tuesday Nights, just before the show starts

Thanks again for join me on Tuesday and stopping by my blog.  smiles
Terri Sproul

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Moon

As most of your know, I live on Top of Palomar Mountain, in California.  Our Mountain is known for it's Observatory - one of the largest in the world.  I am telling you this because I was sitting on my porch the other night and the moon was so large and bright in the sky, it took my breath away.  Then a cloud passed in front of the moon, this site was amazing...
The next morning, I could not stop think about how pretty that moon was the night before, So I headed into my studio and started to play.

Black Gesso
Oil Pastel
Pale Gold Sumi-e watercolor 

1)  Started off with a Canvas, painted it was Black Gesso.
2)  The Oil Pastel are so easy to use, it's just like use a crayon,  I drew in my moon with a the White and Light Yellow Oil Pastel.  Bending them together with my finger
3)  With Blue, Grey and White, I started adding those clouds I seen the night before.  Blend the three colors with your finger to get the effect.
4)  Stars - I had to add stars - Since we have no outside lights up here, the star are very bright.  I got my  mini waterbrush (love these brushes) and started adding star with my Pale Gold Sumi-e watercolor.

Stop by the Yasutomo website and check out all the fun art supplies they have!

Terri Sproul