Friday, October 29, 2010


I spent a few day house sitting for a friend - close to the beach. As most of you know I live in the mountain of San Diego. Palomar Mountain that is... I love where I live, but it was nice to spend some time at the beach. Here are some photo to share with you all...
Hope you enjoy...

I hope you enjoy these photo. I am trying to not just post projects. But a little about me too.. so this is me....

enjoy the photo and stop back by soon. I do have a few really fun projects to post soon..

Terri Sproul

Thursday, October 28, 2010

DT Member - Glue Dots Tip #2

Time for another Glue Dots Tip
This one is for you stamps - I love my rubberstamps! Yes, I did say Rubber! but they take up so much room in my small studio. So here is what I do.
Tip #1
I try and purchase my rubberstamps unmounted. This saves so much money - now that $12 stamps is only $3. Wow just saved $9!
Tip #2
I remove my stamps that are mounted from the wood. This doesn't save money but now I just save space to purchase more (NO that was my outside voice) LOL

Now what to do with that unmounted rubber??? Do I purchase sticky back and remount them??? That's not save me any money! So NO!
Glue Dots has Removable Glue Dots.
so I
1) Put one or two removable Glue Dots onto the back of the Unmounted Rubberstamp and adhere to my Acyclic Block. and Just ink and stamp. When I am done with that stamp I just remove from Acyclic Block and place onto a Transparency sheet for safe keeping. This will last a few time, before you might need to replace the Removable Glue Dots with another.

Now How easy was that! I post this blog while being a part of the Design Team for Glue Dots.


Terri Sproul

How to Make a flat paper pumpin Video

I like my cards and scrapbook pages not to be to 3-d'sh.. I just like to be able to send my cards in envelopes and my scrapbook pages to fit in my albums.
I made a video on youtube a while back and I thought I would share it with you again.

I hope I got this video on here. If not check out my youtube page for all of my video at - well I am not seeing my video when I do the preview, so I don't believe I got it on here. So sorry. My dial up give me problems with video. So I really hope you stop by my youtube Channel and check me out..

hope you enjoy your holiday season...


Terri sproul

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Minute and CHEAP Halloween Ideas

Halloween is just a few days away, and my house still need some love, but with Money tight this year I need to make some easy and CHEAP house Decor. So off to my studio!
Founds some of my stamps, and came up with this really easy project..
I just stamp in Black with permitted ink onto transparency. Cut the image out (make sure you leave some transparency around the image to you can adhere to your candle.) This way you can remove the transparency and your candle is the same as you had it before. No need to purchase new candle for a one day celebration.
almost the same as the candle, but I did not stamp onto transparency I just stamped onto white cardstock and added to a frame I already had in the house. Now I can remove the stamp image and use for another holiday.
Grave Stone
the grave stone was made using a grey piece of Chip Board. Stamp Letter using Letter stamps and the crow line on the top to add a little more to it.

Stamps are all from Stampotique

I hope you enjoy my simple, easy and cheap way to make your home a little more festive this Halloween season. so go pull out those stamps and see what you can make...


Terri Sproul

Monday, October 25, 2010

I did it - AGAIN!

Front Cover of the Holiday Issue: Do you have your yet????

In this issue I have a 12 days of Christmas Garland Project. Using the Rubberstamp Concepts 2" x 2" EcoArt boards. These are amazing boards that take lots of mediums including, Ink, paint and much much more. You guys should check them out!
In the next couple of days I will be posting a 12 days of Christmas clock that I made to match my Garland project. This clock project will be a class at Gee Gee's Stamps and Stuff on November 20th. Please save your seat now!
This article is 3 pages long and I could not be more proud! check it out and let me know what you think please....


Terri Sproul

Thursday, October 21, 2010

just something fun!

could I be related to Merrel Streep? A friend of mine made this photo up as a joke and how everyone think I'm her. Too funny. Tell me what you think.... all in the fun of Halloween!

Friday, October 15, 2010

ButterFly Star Book

As You all know I love a blog hop and Favecraft is one of my favorite places to go as a creative person.
This was a fun project to do, it's a little alterey (made my own word up) and it's a little scrapbooky, and just plan fun.

I found these chipboard butterfly shapes at Michael - it was made to be a book. there were holes in the corners of the page to attach them together. But you know me I need to think out of the box and off the page. so I came up with this.
I Score each of the butterfly on both sides of the body of the butterfly, to help to make it bend later. I covered each butterfly with pattern paper. I also add embossing powder to all the edges to age the pages.

I glue three coin envelopes together to make a pocket area. In each of the pocket I add a tag with ribbon. I wrap lace ribbon around the bottom of the pocket and tied into a bow..

This Photo show the embossing powder around the edge well. I just added clear embossing ink to the edge. I used the direct to paper technique and sprinkle on my embossing powder (I used a dark color for my project here). Tap off the extra and heat set.

Here is a top view on how the star is made. I used Glue Dots to glue each of the butterfly wing together on all the edges.. See why I had to score the butterfly now. It made it easier to adhere together.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

FaveCraft Blog Hop

This is a mini book about one of my kitties... His name is Cedar. We will in the wood and our yard is full of Cedar Trees... this is how he got his name.
This book is made with used CD - you know all those CD you get in the mail all the time. Well I had to do something with them. So I made this book.
As I have told you all before. I LOVE A BLOG HOP!!!! they make me excited. I get to meet new friends and great new comments. I get to know other designer and become their followers.
Hope you leave me a comment and become my follower today...
This is the cover: Here I used Pattern paper to cover the CD and then paint some metal number with Acyclic paint. Those are clock hands (doesn't work as a clock- just an embellishment)

I used a Slide Mount and more painted metal letters. The brads have Crystal Lacquer on them to give them that gem look.

Do you just love the little cat collar. It's so cute. It's an embellishment from EK Success. Also check out the large (very Large) paper clip.

Found this cute little Cat Charm at a yard sell (sorry). But I did use a smaller paper clip and attach a charm to it.

On these two pages I made pockets. One of the pockets (black one) is made from a tag. I just folded the tag up and made it into a pocket. Added some tags in the pockets.

Well I hope you love my mini book made from CD. Please leave me come love, honestly I live for them... lol
Also enjoy your time at Favecraft and let your friends know about this site. It's for all the crafters in your life.


Terri Sproul

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thinking out of the Box with Glue Dots

I love to think out of the Box and come up with new way to use a product. As a Dottess I was assigned to think out of the box with Glue Dots. So here I go.....

First Take two silk flower - I love to only purchase white silk flowers and I spray with My Memories Mists to add the color I wants.

After my Memories Mists is dry I glue them together with My Glue Dots

Now the fun part. I added a Pop Up Glue Dot to the center of my flowers I just Glue Dotted together.

Now add embossing Powder of your choice and color to the Pop Up Glue Dot. Remove the extra embossing Powder and Heat set with your heat gun
HINT: be careful Not to heat your silk flower too much. they melt.. So keep you gun far aways and just melt the powder.

Well that's today Glue Dot tip. I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots Design Team...
Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite tip to using Glue Dots.


Terri Sproul

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mixed Media - Phyco Clown

This is a mixed Media project I have been working on the last few days. It's start off by me looking at the plastic rings that soda come in. I cut them apart and it look like a face. So off to my studio I went.
supply list
cigar box top - left over from another project...
plastic soda rings
glue dots
acryclic paint - black and yellow
letter punches - yellow card stock
green pattern paper
sparkly fluff - very cherry red
red eye lash fiber
black pen

1) removed all the paper from my Cigar Box top - as much as I could. Sand it a little.. Then paint all with Gesso. set aside to dry.
2) paint the plastic ring with Purple acyclic paint - lite coat or it will peel off.... let dry
3) punch out words "Phyco clown" from yellow card stock
4) adhere my plastic down to board with Glue dots.
5) Paint in eye area with yellow acrylic paint
6) painted background Black
7) where the clown mouth is - I coated the area with white glue and added the Sparkly Fluff.
8) cut out a shape of a clown hat from pattern paper and added a button to the top and black pen marks around the edge to add a little more and a little fiber to the bottom of the hat. .
9) Add eye (buttons) with Glue Dots "Pop Up"
10) adhere the words, hat and trim around the frame.

I have a Halloween Party every year at my home in the mountain in the woods... How cool is that. I love to play dress up.... so this project will hang in my bathroom this year...
Well I would like to get this project posted. So more project and stories soon...

Terri Sproul

Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Make-N-Take

This is a simple card I will be done at a Free Make and Take at Gee Gee's Stamps and Stuff on Oct 23rd. I will also be selling Stewart Superior products featuring Memories Mists.
I wish you could see this in person, it's really cool. I made the card base from Transparencies and embossed the tree on the front of the transparency. On the inside of the card, I again used a transparency to punch out a moon shape, which will act as a mask when I spray the white card stock with Diet Cola Memories Mists. Stamped "Trick or Treat" on the bottom right hand side and adhere inside of transparency card base.

Sorry about such a quick blog today. But I am working on a few large projects to post soon.


Terri Sproul

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Queen Kat Blog Hop

I Love a blog Hop and adore Fall! Today is blog hop day with Queen Kat Design Stamps. I hope you all stop by her store and see all the exciting stamps she has to offer. Lots of excitement going on there...
Well, to be honest, my post went up here other day - don't know why - gremlins I guess. I let it stay up and decided to post another project today. We were ask to make a Fall Tag or Card, but I am a teacher at heart so I had to find a way to teach you a new technique. So hope that I did. If not, maybe next time.... Grin.... :-)
If all goes I as plan I will have a video for you on how to make this tag. I will post onto My Youtube Channel. Due to all the storms I am unable to post the video yet. plan on uploading it this weekend. I live on top of the middle of nowhere and I have dial up. we have been having days of rain, lighting, etc... So my video will take a few hours to post and i can't leave my computer on that long with the storms... So Sorry.....

Supply List

Stamp: Quote: Stampotique, Flower: Hero Arts
Memories Mists: Wheat Grass, Ice Coffee both from Stewart
Leave Punch
Accent Powder: Cooper and Green by Stewart
Memories Chalk Ink: Tomato
India Ink
Palette Stamp and Glue Pad by Stewart
Heat Gun

This project has a few different techniques that are pretty cool. I used the same Accent Powder technique in the post that when up early, so check it out also, there are full direction on how to do these two projects, and leave me some love please. Here is a photo of the card and the tag I made.

Your next stop of the hop is to Lara Bandanas blog, Click Here

Thanks for spending some time with me in my studio, I hope you become a follower of mine here, facebook, The Hive, Youtube and my Website. (each word, should be a link for you) unless them gremlin got it.... little shits! sorry outside voice..... ;-)


Terri Sproul

Monday, October 4, 2010

Glue Dots Design Team Project

Trick or Treat Cigar Box


Glue Dots® “Pop Up”

Glue Dots® “Craft”

Glue Dots® “Glue Lines”

Cigar Box


Stamps: Stampotique Original: “Kitty”, “Welcome Door”, “Spider”, “Honeycombs”, “Crow on Line”

Stamps: Moon by Fancifulstamps

Stamps: Quote by PXS Stamps

Stamps: Stars from Martha Stewart

Colored Pencils: Faber-Castell

Ink Pads: India Ink by Stewart Superior, Memories Dye Ink “Yellow”, “Cement” and “Sepia” Memories Ink pad are also from Stewart Superior

Goldens Glaze: “Ultramarine Blue” and “Patina Green”

Acrylic Paints: Black

Silk: Sky Blue by Stewart Superior

Memories Mists: Iridescent by Stewart Superior

Textured Ribbon – brown mesh

White Cardstock


1) Cut top of Cigar Box lid off… Keep for another project!

2) Paint the entire box with Gesso (this is a primer to cover all the cigar box labels). Paint outside of box with Black Acrylic Paint. Paint inside of box with two colors of Glaze “ Ultramarine Blue” and “Patina Green”

3) When paint is dry Stamp “Stars” with “Yellow” Dye Ink

4) On White Cardstock stamp the following in India Ink and color in with Faber-Castell Art Grip Pencils: “Spider”, “Kitty”, , and “Girl”. Also Stamp “Moon” onto White Cardstock and Paint with Stewart Superior “Sky Blue” Silk. Stamp the “Welcome Door” with “Sepia” Memories Dye Ink, before I color in the image I painted Gesso on the door where it’s says “Welcome” to completely cover this word… When you have colored in each image, cut them out.

5) Back to the box: Stamp using India ink “Crow on a line” (see sample for placement) also Stamp “honeycombs” onto the bottom where your door will be. I used the Honeycomb stamp to look like a walk ways…. Stamp in Memories Dye Inkpad “Cement”. Paint in honeycomb image with Acrylic Paint.

6) Using My Glue Dots® I start to put my box together. I used the “Pop-Up” under the Moon, and the Kitty. “Craft Dots” under the Door, Girl and the Spider. As for the Spider, I hung spider from the top of the box with “Craft Dots” My Girls is adhered to the side and bottom of the box. I used Fishing line to make the spider line invisible, I just Glue Dotted to the back of the spider and the top of the box.

Finished by stamping “Trick or Treat” inside the box where it fit the best and spray the entire box with: Iridescent Memories Mists. Around the outside of the box I wrapped a Mesh ribbon using My “Glue Lines”.

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots Design Team!


Terri Sproul

Creating The Hive

Today is Monday (my Friday!) and while watch Sunday Night Football last night was I invited to a new website, The Creative Hive. There is a link on the left hand side of my blog - can't miss it. So in honor of this new find I made this wonderful Card.

Supply List
All Stamp are from Stampotique Click Here
India Ink from Stewart Superior Click Here
Dye Inks from Stewart Superior

Stamped Both bees onto White Cards with India Ink - color in image with colored Pencils, cut images out..
Stamp background with two different stamps, added quote.
Pop Dot both Bees - add flower and ribbon - Matte on top a dark brown card stock and add to card base....

I have lots happening this up coming week - so stop back by - we have the Glue Dots DT going on tomorrow. and a blog hop with Queen Kat Designs

Terri Sproul

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wedding Album

Sundays are all about FOOTBALL - Yes, I'm a big football fan. If football is on - the TV better be tuned to it. But, I am working on a Wedding Album for a friend/client. She is a girl that is all about Simple Elegance So I thought of Anna Griffin Paper first. This whole book will have Anna Griffin paper in it, but not Anna Griffin pages. I love her style don't get me wrong, but two things
1) those pages take forever to make - I taught classes for Anna Griffin for a year. Two classes per month in the Anna Griffin Style... Amazing pages with Amazing ladies in my class - oh how I miss those ladies...
2) I did say SIMPLE. lol - but I really love this look also. It's clean and pretty....
And little info. I have been to meet and visit the studio and warehouse of Anna Griffin herself. It was amazing. I had a great time and Yes is has a wonderful southern style to her. Anna and I laugh that I don't know her but she know me.... LOL she always take time at CHA to visit with me.
CHA = Craft and Hobby Association - it the place where twice a year the new lines for all of the Crafting company show off.

So here is a two page spread I just finished today, while watch football.... LOL

Love the lace boarder.

I am so sorry, for some reason I can get them next two each other. But you get the idea. Love the lace I place along the boarders...

Well I hope all of you had a great weekend. I live on my husband schedule so today is really my Thursday.... So tomorrow is Friday.... YA...

Stop back by soon - lot of stuff come up. Oct 5th is the Glue Dots first DT project - Halloween Theme. Oct 7th I am doing a blog hop with Queen Kat Designs. Check out her stamps they are cute.


Terri Sproul

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Julie and Julia

Today I was watch the movie "Julie and Julia" and was so inspired by Julie and her blog I want to start work on my just a little harder. I would like to make it more personal and still keep it crafty! So beside watching the movie today, it was National Card Making Day, so I had to make a card.


Crystal Lacquer

Hero Arts Stamp: Wine

Yellow Pattern Card stock: Old kit from Club Scrap

Purple Card stock – Unknown

Flowers: Prime

India Ink stamp Pad from Stewart Superior

White Card stock

Memories Chalk Ink “Faded Lavender”

Glue Dots®


1) Stamp Wine Bottle Image onto white card stock with India Ink (HINT: India ink works well, because it’s will not bleed when you use the Crystal Lacquer).

2) Color in Wine bottle Image using Crystal Lacquer as desired. Set aside to dry (HINT: when color one color next to another color, I let the first color dry first. Example: on the wine bottle itself, I would color the cork, wine and left first, let dry a few minutes (it took a while for those color to be colored in, so about 5 – 7 minutes depend on your area.) After those color where dry then I color in the label and the bottle.

3) Once Crystal Lacquer is completely dry I used Memories Chalk Ink “Faded Lavender” around the edges to soften them some. Matte Image onto Purple card stock.

4) Score and fold card. Add matted Stamp Image to bottom right hand corner. Add Flowers using my Glue Dots

I have not been work with my Crystal Lacquer Color Set as much as I enjoy too. So with this card, I pull them out again. Don't you just love the 3-D look of the Lacquer? I hope you enjoy spend a few minutes here with me on my blog. Come back soon more about me and my crafts.

Terri Sproul