Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mixed Media - Phyco Clown

This is a mixed Media project I have been working on the last few days. It's start off by me looking at the plastic rings that soda come in. I cut them apart and it look like a face. So off to my studio I went.
supply list
cigar box top - left over from another project...
plastic soda rings
glue dots
acryclic paint - black and yellow
letter punches - yellow card stock
green pattern paper
sparkly fluff - very cherry red
red eye lash fiber
black pen

1) removed all the paper from my Cigar Box top - as much as I could. Sand it a little.. Then paint all with Gesso. set aside to dry.
2) paint the plastic ring with Purple acyclic paint - lite coat or it will peel off.... let dry
3) punch out words "Phyco clown" from yellow card stock
4) adhere my plastic down to board with Glue dots.
5) Paint in eye area with yellow acrylic paint
6) painted background Black
7) where the clown mouth is - I coated the area with white glue and added the Sparkly Fluff.
8) cut out a shape of a clown hat from pattern paper and added a button to the top and black pen marks around the edge to add a little more and a little fiber to the bottom of the hat. .
9) Add eye (buttons) with Glue Dots "Pop Up"
10) adhere the words, hat and trim around the frame.

I have a Halloween Party every year at my home in the mountain in the woods... How cool is that. I love to play dress up.... so this project will hang in my bathroom this year...
Well I would like to get this project posted. So more project and stories soon...

Terri Sproul
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