Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art Journal - Color Chart

Color Wheel 

Just Steampunk Magazine
Old Issue:  of "Just Steampunk"
Design Master - Color to paint on your flowers
Pam Carriker- Book "Creating Art at the Speed of Life
Scarlet Lime Pen - Black Pen 

Color Chart - fold in 12th

Primary colors:
Red, Yellow, Blue

Golden:  Manganese Blue Hue

make your favorite color with a receipt for them

WINNER:  for the Week:  Janis Bennett - She won a prize for post her art journal page in my group on facebook:  All things Terri Sproul 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A card for all Occasions

Oil Pastel
Robin Nest Cardstock
Robin Nest Little Friends
Nori Paste

I make cards, but I don't like to make theme cards, so I try and have a collection of Cards that are ready for me to use with an occasion

1.  color White Cardstock with Metallic Oil Pastel from Yastomo - use as many color as you choice here, I like to make my section small.  This way you will see more color then you scratch off.

2.  cover all color with BLACK oil pastel

3.  Cover with Stencil of choice (or you can hand draw).  I used this heart stencil from Creative Imaginations. take a wood stick with a point on it and start remove the black oil pastel use the stencil as your guide.

I did the same idea for the inside of my card, BUT i did not remove the black oil paste yet, I am waiting until I need this card, then I will add my quote.  

Hope you are inspired by my project this time around and you stop by the Yasutomo website and get yourself some Oil Pastels.  

Thanks again for stopping by

Terri Sproul 

CHA 2014 Show and Tell

Just got back from the Amazing CHA show 2014 in California a few days ago.  I came home with LOTS of toys and a COLD... LOL...

Last Night (Tuesday Jan 21, 2014) I did a LIVE show about what I came home with...
here is the replay...

If you  have a question please feel free to contract me

Thanks again, Join me again Next Tuesday Night...

Terri Sproul

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Radiant Orchid Color of the Year

While at  CHA this year, I learn that the color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  you all know I love purple....

I took this white shirt to the show with me, but when I went to wear it, it had a stain????  I tried to wash it out, with NO luck....  sad face
So I went to the Kitchen to play..

One part Rit Purple
Three parts  Rit Pink
Hot water
Rit Fixative 

Time to wash.....

Look how great this turn out.>>>>  LOVE the color...  my shirt is saved.....  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pouring Medium and Splash Inks

As you might know I am at CHA right now and I am unable to do a Live show

So, I made this video for you this week 

I just love this technique.  

Liquitex Pouring Medium
Splash Inks
Squeeze Bottle

Here is a video on how I made this project.  

Thanks for stopping by.  See ya back Next week.

Terri Sproul

Art Journal Page with Pouring Medium

I love my Tuesday Night show and I want to be with you, but I want to be at CHA more.  But I did make a video for this week class.  As you know I like to introduce you to new medium and have been want to show you Pouring Medium for a while now.  I have this week class with a additional video on a canvas using Pouring Medium too.

Liquitex Pouring Medium
Golden Paints:  Nickel Azo Yellow, Interference Blue
Distress Paints:  Peeled Paint, Broken China
Glazing Medium
Golden Blaze:  Patina Green
Washi Tape
Cookie Cuters
Art Journal
Transparancy Images
Tim Hotlz Tissue Paper

Here is your Video:

Here is the extra video I promised you, enjoy, see ya next week LIVE

Here are some close up of the finished page

Love the warm look of this page

  I like the way the glaze and vellum work here.  

I love how you can see all the layers....

  this is my finished Pouring Medium Canvas.  Love the look of this technique...  

See ya back next Tuesday for another LIVE show.  But I will only be talking about what I seen at CHA..

Terri Sproul 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wing for YOU

Wings to Fly

Do you love it when you start off making one project and it end up making something completely different?
That's what happen here, I start off make a background to stamps some Fall Leaves on for a completely different project and make this.  

Stamps:  Quote Stamp and a Dragonfly
3 white sheet of Card stock
baby oil and a cotton ball
India Inks - Black 

1)  I used reds, oranges, and yellow Oil Pastel for my background paper.  After add these color to my white piece of card stock I blend them together with a cotton ball and baby oil.  Set this aside
2)  Using shade of Green, I did the same thing on a new white card stock, set that aside
3)  One more time, this time with mostly Yellow, but a touch of orange to a new sheet of white card stock. 4)  Now I had my parts, I start by ripping the Green sheet to make my rolling hills, I did go back over the areas where the rip edge was white again.  
5)  Rip  a SUN shape from the Yellow Sheet of paper
6)  Now to make my scene, I adhere my shapes down to the background using my Nori Paste
7)  Stamps both the Dragonfly and quote onto the page using Black India Ink, Color in the Dragonfly image with my Gel Xtreme Metallic Rollers.  Now it's really to frame.  

I hope you enjoy my little project, and hope you might try and play with Oil Pastels too.  
Terri Sproul 

Live in the Moment

I just love to play in my Art Journal and on Tuesday nights, I do a live show about Art Journals.  Next Tuesday night, I will be at CHA , BUT I did leave you with a video class, stop by here on next Tuesday the 14th to see the page and class.  Remember to post your inspired art journal page on my group on Facebook, called "All things Terri Sproul"

Supplies List
Stazon Ink
Art Journal
Washi Tape

Now here is your video class...

I will be Live again on Jan 21st , with a sneak peak at all the stuff i seen at CHA, so join me live Tuesday and you can see everything too..  see ya then

Terri Sproul

Dream love treasure

I am trying out to be a Guest DT for Faber-Castell..  Most of you know I love there Gelatos....

So I made this canvas for my tryout..

Gelato's - Butter Cream, Mango, Lemon,
Art Grip Aquarelle Water Pencils
Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush
water brush
paint brush
Stamp:  SinCity Stamps 

Here is the video on how I made this project...
OFF CAMERA:  I did add the black lines, and the word on the bottom.  Again Stamps from SinCity Stamps 

hope you enjoy and if you have a questions, please feel free to contact me and i will help you to fall in love with Faber-Castell products.

Terri Sproul