Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wing for YOU

Wings to Fly

Do you love it when you start off making one project and it end up making something completely different?
That's what happen here, I start off make a background to stamps some Fall Leaves on for a completely different project and make this.  

Stamps:  Quote Stamp and a Dragonfly
3 white sheet of Card stock
baby oil and a cotton ball
India Inks - Black 

1)  I used reds, oranges, and yellow Oil Pastel for my background paper.  After add these color to my white piece of card stock I blend them together with a cotton ball and baby oil.  Set this aside
2)  Using shade of Green, I did the same thing on a new white card stock, set that aside
3)  One more time, this time with mostly Yellow, but a touch of orange to a new sheet of white card stock. 4)  Now I had my parts, I start by ripping the Green sheet to make my rolling hills, I did go back over the areas where the rip edge was white again.  
5)  Rip  a SUN shape from the Yellow Sheet of paper
6)  Now to make my scene, I adhere my shapes down to the background using my Nori Paste
7)  Stamps both the Dragonfly and quote onto the page using Black India Ink, Color in the Dragonfly image with my Gel Xtreme Metallic Rollers.  Now it's really to frame.  

I hope you enjoy my little project, and hope you might try and play with Oil Pastels too.  
Terri Sproul 

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