Thursday, October 28, 2010

DT Member - Glue Dots Tip #2

Time for another Glue Dots Tip
This one is for you stamps - I love my rubberstamps! Yes, I did say Rubber! but they take up so much room in my small studio. So here is what I do.
Tip #1
I try and purchase my rubberstamps unmounted. This saves so much money - now that $12 stamps is only $3. Wow just saved $9!
Tip #2
I remove my stamps that are mounted from the wood. This doesn't save money but now I just save space to purchase more (NO that was my outside voice) LOL

Now what to do with that unmounted rubber??? Do I purchase sticky back and remount them??? That's not save me any money! So NO!
Glue Dots has Removable Glue Dots.
so I
1) Put one or two removable Glue Dots onto the back of the Unmounted Rubberstamp and adhere to my Acyclic Block. and Just ink and stamp. When I am done with that stamp I just remove from Acyclic Block and place onto a Transparency sheet for safe keeping. This will last a few time, before you might need to replace the Removable Glue Dots with another.

Now How easy was that! I post this blog while being a part of the Design Team for Glue Dots.


Terri Sproul
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