Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Moon

As most of your know, I live on Top of Palomar Mountain, in California.  Our Mountain is known for it's Observatory - one of the largest in the world.  I am telling you this because I was sitting on my porch the other night and the moon was so large and bright in the sky, it took my breath away.  Then a cloud passed in front of the moon, this site was amazing...
The next morning, I could not stop think about how pretty that moon was the night before, So I headed into my studio and started to play.

Black Gesso
Oil Pastel
Pale Gold Sumi-e watercolor 

1)  Started off with a Canvas, painted it was Black Gesso.
2)  The Oil Pastel are so easy to use, it's just like use a crayon,  I drew in my moon with a the White and Light Yellow Oil Pastel.  Bending them together with my finger
3)  With Blue, Grey and White, I started adding those clouds I seen the night before.  Blend the three colors with your finger to get the effect.
4)  Stars - I had to add stars - Since we have no outside lights up here, the star are very bright.  I got my  mini waterbrush (love these brushes) and started adding star with my Pale Gold Sumi-e watercolor.

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Terri Sproul

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