Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall mirror

I just love all the colors of Fall..  the reds, yellows, oranges, they just make me happy.  But sad to say these color are only here for a few days.  How can i keep them always?  Art, is always the right answer - off to my studio

sorry about the photo, I did not think when I made it how hard it would be to photograph it.  but I think you get the idea.

1.  Start off with a white cardstock and color with my NiJi Olil Pastels using the red, yellows and oranges to make a wonderful background - blend each color into the other.

2.  I found this mirror at the local art store (on sale) and painted it with Orange paint.  Can you see that this mirror was a flower shape?
3.  I stamp onto the Color cardstock that I created with my personal line of stamps from SinCity Stamps.  I love this Leave plate of stamps, I created.  Lots of great things plan for them.

4.  I cut each leaf out by hand and paste each of them on the wood mirror frame with Nori paste from Niji .  I love the way this whole project worked out.  Sorry again about not get that perfect photo.  

How easy was that project?  Only four steps, so next time you see a mirror or frame, you know what to created with it.  

thanks again for stopping by
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