Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Minute Halloween Idea

I am having a Halloween party this year and need some idea to decorate the home without spending a lot of Money. So I took out my stamps and started to have some fun.

I have lots of candle and did not want to purchase some just for Halloween. So I
1) Stamp "Moon Girl's Crow" by Stampotique onto transparency sheet or Vinyl cover sheet (both can be found at the office supple store, purchase a box you will get lots of great idea to use them). Use a permit ink to do this, like Palette Hybrid Ink from Stewart Superior.
2) after you stamp your image onto the transparency, cut out image and tape onto candle. REMEMBER TO USE A FLAMELESS CANDLE.


1) Another really easy idea. I stamped the same Crow Image onto white cardstock. Used a old frame and done.

1) I purchase these tombstones at a craft store (Micheal's) and when I open the package they were all the same. Well that is not going to do. So I turned the tombstones over and used my stamps to make my own saying. I used "Crow Line" and "Altered Alpha" stamps both by Stampotique Original and Palette Hybrid ink in black.

Well I hope you enjoy these really easy idea to decorate your home for the holidays. Remember this will work for all the holidays.
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