Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glue Dots - Earth Day Project...

Earth Day Scrapbook Page
By Terri Sproul
I love to “think out of the box”, so here I go again. This project is a scrapbook page – BUT it’s most likely NOT acid free – so personal I am going to frame this page – Not put into my scrapbook…

Glue Dots®: Micro, Crafts,
Cardstock: Two shades of Green
Large Bottle Cap
Frame – 12 x 12
Moss I got at the Craft store – this is the part I know is NOT acid free…
Large and small Circle Punch – or circle cutter of some kind…
Sizzix Die cut letter and machine to cut them. Or any letter you might have


1) Cut Letter to spell “Natural Beauty” I used a letter with a shadow. My Micro Glue Dots® works the best to adhere the shadow to the letter… LOVE my new Micro Dots®.

2) Matt your photo with Three mats.. this really make a single photo stand out.. Light green, then dark green then back to the light green…
3) Punch two circles out – one large circle and one just a little smaller.

4) I used a engraving machine to write “Palomar Mountain” inside of the Bottle Cap.
5) Start assembling your page as seen..
6) Now the part where I “think out of the box”, I place LOTS of Glue Dots® in the bottom left hand corner of the page. Then I place my moss over the Glue Dots® and press the moss down hard… Add a little more Glue Dots® and moss at the bottom right hand corner of the photo.. (so Not acid free)
7) Place project in a frame an hang on a wall..

I made this post while being a part of the Glue Dots Design Team... Which i am so proud to be a part of...

Terri Sproul
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