Thursday, December 26, 2013

Got my eye on you

I had a blast making this project, I was challenged to make a project that will inspire you to use Splash Inks. I felt that this project would be artful and simple at the same time.


Supply List:
Watercolor Paper
Water bottle

1. I started by drawing out my eye with a pencil, when I had the basic done I started to darken each line with my Perma Writer's.
2.   I used my Watercolor Brushes and Splash Inks to color in my image.  I used a lot of water in some areas so that the Splash Ink color would run and create interest.  When I finished with my Splash Inks I outlined some of the area with my Perma Writer to add depth to the Art.
3.  Frame

Thanks for stopping by today
Terri Sproul

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