Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Home deco

This girl loves to play with Power tools.  My Proxxon tools are simple the best for crafting..  They are light weight, small and easy to store.  This is a prefect for a small studio like mine.  


Started with my Delta Sander - sanded my shutters to get them ready for paint

After paint - I put my shutter into my Precision Vise FMS 75

Now to drill and screw my hangers on the Shutter with my Precision Rotary Tool FBS 115/E

Now the fun part - 
Started by placing the Stencib Leave stencil on my shutters
Using my Pan Pastels I added color to the shutters - helpful hint, first add clear gesso on first then add your Pan Pastels - I add three color - two shades of green and a little blue....
Seal project when done.  

Thanks again for stopping by 

Terri Sproul 
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