Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog Hop around the World

Last week I was apart of TWO blog post - and both of them featured me as the one they would like me to answer these four questions.  I am not good at this part, but here I go...

1) What am I working on: This is a hard on for me to answer, I always have something new going on, most of the time, something I have never tried before. I love to think out of the box in off the page. But presently I have the new Chemeleon Pens on my desk, so I have been playing with them alot

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
 I like to play with many different medium.  I am love to teach other

3) Why do I create what I do?
 It's a need... I need to create and I need more to teach other how to create

4) How does my creating process work? I'm a Thinker.... I think Think Think, then I create and pray they my project come out like it did in my head...LOL......

Now the next two blog I am sharing:

Joe Rotella 

Thanks for stopping by, check out their blogs on Monday to see who they pick

Terri Sproul 

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