Saturday, April 4, 2015

Smashed Penny Machine Jewelry

With permission from a dear friend Jan Mollet Evans, I am bring you this fun post using the Proxxon Mini Drill Press, this machine is perfect for the home jewelry makers

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Hanna and I finally got around to our jewelry making today, after a busy week gathering souvenirs at all the San Diego attractions.  The popular “smashed penny” machines at the attractions caught our eye and we brought lots of those home.  Using those embossed pennies, we made bracelets and a necklace in no time, thanks to the Proxxon Mini Drill Press

  …. so much fun and so easy!  Even though Hanna had never used a drill press before, she jumped right in after I showed her how.  The horizontal designs work best for bracelets; just drill holes in each end to attach them with jump rings which we embellished with beads 

  4 or 5 embossed pennies make one bracelet

  Hanna wanted a to make a necklace with her vertically designed embossed pennies, drilling just one hole in the top of each penny design to hang from a chain, along with some faceted beads

 What a great afternoon!!!
Thanks, Proxxon!  And thank you, Terri, for making it all possible by loaning us the machine!!!
IT's that just a fun idea.  Now I want to go and find those penny machines and make one for myself.  Thanks Jan again for providing me with them amazing content for my Blog and to show off my favorite tool company.  

Terri Sproul 
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