Friday, May 29, 2009

Learn to make your own collages

"Love Collage"
Some of you may have seen this collage already. I posted on my old blog site, and now with all the new friends that are visit this site - I want to re post it.
I love the look of collage stamps - but collage stamp cost the most. So I start collecting more plain stamps and start making my own collages. I have post a video on YouTube on how to make this step by step. But here is the list of stamps ans supplies I used:
From Stampotique:
Altered 4U
Altered XOXO
Altered Alpha
Circle Border
Primitive Heart
From Technical Tuesday
Swirl Stamp

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black marker
All Ink from Stewart Superior
Memory Mists: Pink Lemonade
Palette: Moulin Rouge, Claret, Toile Pink

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