Saturday, June 12, 2010


This was a fun project to do.  So many fun products.  The ACT are from Rubberstamp Concepts there new ECOART Boards, if you have not try these boards yet, you need to....
Gilding Leaf from UsArtQuest is so much fun to play with.
Supply List
ATC boards - Rubberstamp Concepts
Duo Adhesive - UsArtQuest
Gildenglitz - UsArtQuest
Photo - Design Orginials
Metal Words - Die Cuts with a View
Ink pads:  Distress Ink
Glue Dots
1)  Ink base of the ATC board - leaving the center of the ATC without color...
2)  Adhere Photos using Duo Adhesive
3)  Smooth out photo onto ATC.  Add more Duo Adhesive to edges of ATC - set aside to dry about 2 minutes or so....  Adhesive will dry clear and tacky.
4)  When Duo Adhesive is clear and tacky add two or three color of GildenGlitz to adhesive. 
5)  Using Your GLUE DOTS - add metal words.
you are done....  Fun project and super easy...  Hope you enjoy this one.  it's the Gildenglitz too cool...  love the old fashion look it gave these ATC.... Also reminder - most of the product in this project have direct link to the site you can purchase the product....  Hope this helps everyone out...
Terri Sproul
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