Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Alice

I am just in love with the EcoArt Boards from Rubberstamp Concepts.  I have been playing with them for the last week in all most every project...
This project I used on of the 8" x 10" boards.  I try and supply a link to most of the product I use - If the product is high lighted it's a link to the site to purchase.  Hope this helps out..
Stamps:  Mushroom and Alice Stamps
Colored Pencils:  Faber-Castell -  I love these pencils... 
White Card stock
Glitter Markers: 
1)  Draw a light line using a light brown colored pencil as where your road will be.  
2)  Stamp Mushrooms using Black India Ink - covering the area that is NOT the road.
3)  Stamp "White Rabbit" using Black India Ink as if he was walking on the road...
4)  Stamp "Alice and Caterpillar" onto White cardstock - color in image and cut out.
5)  Color in Mushroom, road and grass using your Faber-Castell Art Grip Pencils
6)  Add Glitter to some area on the Mushrooms.  
7)  Adhere Caterpillar to top corner.  
I am so in love with the Movie "Alice In Wonderland" right now - I believe I have watch it over 10x's already.  OK, Johnny Depp helps a lot.  LOL  - but I really do love the story also...  REALLY!  
Terri Sproul
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