Wednesday, July 7, 2010

UsArtQuest DT - ATC Card

Here is another ATC I made using those Amazing Napkins Remember you can do this project with me by purchasing the supplies at UsArtQuest.

PPA Matte (Perfect Paper Adhesive)
Mica Color - Jewels
Effectz - Opal
All supplies can be purchased at UsArtQuest website.


Cut out the main images from your Napkin that you want to be your focal Image. I cut out the flower and the butterflyes. I cut out all the butterflies in the one side of the Napkin and used the left over images for another project.

The Napkins have 3 layer to them. One layer is the colored image and the other two layer are all white. I got rid of the two layer that are all white and and only use the color images.
Cut your Napkin into small pieces (NOT your main images, what is left over from you Napkin)

cover the whole ATC with PPA and start adding small pieces of the Napkin

continue to add piece of the Napkin until you have most of the ATC covered (sorry this picture is not very clear - But I think you get the idea!)

When you are happy with your ATC.

Start Adding your Main Images using you PPA again.

Let your images fall off the edges of the ATC - cut the extra off when you are happy with the design.

Add a little water to you WaterColor Palette.

Paint edges of the ATC with the Watercolor Palette

Add Effectz into the PPA and mix. Paint over the Butterflies only to add some Sparkle. (sorry about this picture not being very clear)

Well I hope you enjoy this project. If you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to help you out!!!!
Please leave me some love! =)


Terri Sproul
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