Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mica Butterfly Card

Supply List

Mica - large enough for the butterfly stamp you want to use
Stamps: butterfly from Stampotique and Flowers from Unity
Embossing Ink
Embossing Powder - Gold and Bronze
Palette Paints:
Shiny gold Card stock
Black Card Stock
Paint Brush
PPA - Glossy
Glue Dots

1) Stamp Butterfly image onto Mica Tile using clear Embossing Ink, Add Bronze embossing powder to image, tap off extra and heat set. Turn Mica over - so the embossed butterfly image is on the back side. Paint backside of butterfly image with Palette Paint. Set aside to dry or you heat to increase dry time...
2) Stamp Flower image from Unity using clear Embossing Ink, add gold embossing powder, tap of extra and heat set.
3) Adhere Black Cardstock to Gold Card stock using glue dots. Adhere all to card base
4) Adhere Mica Tile using PPA Glossy.

Done! easy and fun!


Terri Sproul
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