Sunday, August 1, 2010

UsArtQuest DT - Mica Flakes

It's time to see what the UsArtQuest Design Team has been up to this time. I can't wait for my mail person to deceive our next mystery package. This time around we received Mica Flakes Kit. This Kit is amazing..... Inside this reusable metal box (can't wait to make something out of this box) there were 16, yes 16 assorted Mica Flakes jars, and they are all different colors. Yes, who knew that Mica came in that many different colors. So Cool, Sorry I got off track, back to the kit! Also included in this wonderful box of goodies was PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive) in Gloss, 2 little dippers, paint brush and full directions for projects. WOW, have you order your kits yet?????
Here is photo of my project.

6" x 6" Ceramics Tile with a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" hole in the center of it. (HomeDepot)
European Napkins
PPA Glossy from Mica Flakes Kit
Mica Flakes

1) clean tile with glass cleaner
2) Cut out main image from your Napkin of choose (UsArtQuest has so many different napkin to choose from) I cut out 5 main images on this napkin. These Napkins have 3 layer to them two of the layer are plain white (remove them, we will not be using them in this project*)
3) Place a light coat of PPA gloss onto the tile area you would like to place your Main images...
I used my finger to get the light coat I was looking for, Add a coat of PPA on top of the Napkin image also.
4) Continue to add all your main images around the tile....
5) After your main images are place, fill in MOST of the rest of the tile with left over Napkin material. I just cut up napkin into smaller pieces (only using the colored part of the image Top layer of the Napkin)
6) Leave a few area open around your tile....
7) Add Mica Flakes into those open areas..... Add PPA gloss to those area and use your fingers for a little dipper to sprinkle on the Mica Flakes into the PPA gloss.
8) Fill in all the area that are not cover with the Napkin.
9) Set aside to dry and then tap off the extra Mica Flakes (Save them)
10) Add your photo or quote to the center of your project!

* You can use those White piece of the napkin in another project as a filler, try stamping on them. NO waist.

I have a few more idea on how to use these Mica Flakes so stop back by this week and see what else I made. Hope you are checking out the rest of the Design Team member's blogs and see there work. I know I will be, I get so excited to see what each of us came up with. There is a full list and links on the right side of my blog. leave me some love.... I really enjoy see what you guys say! it' really really makes my day! =-)

This is another project I did using the same Tile - all stamps are from Stampotique

Terri Sproul
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