Friday, August 20, 2010

My Art Mini Book

Here is a Mini book I made use all UsArtQuest Products I have revived since I have been on the UsArtQuest Design team...

I started by cutting two 6" x 13" sheets of Studio Cloth. I add Perfect Pigment "Yellow Ochre" to the mixing cup supplied in the Perfect Paint Bucket to mix paint with water before paint it on the Studio Cloth. I added stamps and more water down Perfect Pigment paints. I painted the Flower girls with Mica colors.

I used one of the European Napkins we receive in a kits to made this page. I added Effectz and PPA to cover the whole image. The Photo is not showing the Effectz well, but it really does shimmer... :-)
On this page, I cut a pocket shape out of the Studio cloth and stamped and painted on the pocket. I die cutted the edge of the Studio Cloth. I used Mica Flakes on the Studio cloth Die Cut leaves and glossy PPA. I painted the silk flowers with Mica color Interference.

Stamp using a Art Quote from UsArtQuest collect from Sandi Miller. I added Mica Color interference paint on the heart and add Mica Flakes. wrapped with wire. I used my Fine Liner and Duo Adhersive to add Gildenglitz to the edge which I again used a Die Cut. Hint: you will need to paint over the edge using PPA as a sealer before trying to add the Duo Adhesive and Gildenglitz....

Stamp and Embossed Moca Lisa on Mica Tile. Love this look.

I used PPA Matte to seal Studio Cloth so I could add Duo Adhesive and Gildenglitz to the studio cloth. Painted my silk flower with Perfect Pigment and Mica Color..... The Face is paper clay mold and Gildenglitz....

Collages my background using PPA Matte as my adhesive; add stamps, papers, tag and paint to age the page..

I sew the book together by laying on sheet on top of the other and added four small holes to the center of the pages and sew together with floss. I signed the back of my book and it's complete. I hope you enjoy this mini book.

If you have any question please feel free to ask. I will get back to as soon as I can!

Terri Sproul =^)
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