Saturday, August 28, 2010

UsArtQuest - transfere

this is a idea I was trying. Not everything work out great on this project. But I enjoy trying to do new things. I have been working the UsARtQuest Design team for the last few months and I pick up a book on transfers the other day and had to run home and play.
Here is how I tried to make transfers with PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive by UsArtQuest)

1) I found this amazing magazine what had lots of great photo in it. The pages are all glossy. Cut out some images. I found a brick wall, book shelf and a dress stand (i don't know what they call those things)
2) Cut out the images and started to play. First I used the brick wall (on my photo it the one on the top right side) This image did not take very well, I have to say I learn a lot on this first transfer. I put on PPA Matte on the the side of the image I want to transfer. Layed the image on the EcoArt Board. Let it dry. Once it was dry I add just a touch of water to the back of the image and peeled off the paper. WHAT I learn from this image: First put the PPA onto the board NOT The image, I believe that's why the image look wrinkly.
3) So had to try this again. Next I found an image of books on a shelf. Bottom Left hand side of the project. This time I tried something new. I place PPA gloss down onto the EcoArt Board and then place my image into the PPA. smooth the image out and let it dry. Once image was dry i sprayed some water onto the back of the image and remove the extra paper. I like this a lot! it work out well.
4) While waiting for my image to dry I had to try something else. So Here I go again. I place a Large amount of PPA Gloss onto a Teflon craft sheet and spread it out large enough to fix the image I cut out from the Magazine. I used a thick coat of the PPA Gloss. place my image into it face down and let it dry. This did take over nights. In the morning I was so excited to see if this work out or not. before removing it from the Teflon sheet, I add a little water to the back of the image and started to remove the extra paper. Wow... it worked.

Love this idea. hope you did too. Now go off to your studio and play. Let me know how you did. I would love to see what you make using this technique.
Remember to leave me some love and if you have any question. You know what to do....


Terri Sproul
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