Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mica Butterfly Card

Supply List

Mica - large enough for the butterfly stamp you want to use
Stamps: butterfly from Stampotique and Flowers from Unity
Embossing Ink
Embossing Powder - Gold and Bronze
Palette Paints:
Shiny gold Card stock
Black Card Stock
Paint Brush
PPA - Glossy
Glue Dots

1) Stamp Butterfly image onto Mica Tile using clear Embossing Ink, Add Bronze embossing powder to image, tap off extra and heat set. Turn Mica over - so the embossed butterfly image is on the back side. Paint backside of butterfly image with Palette Paint. Set aside to dry or you heat to increase dry time...
2) Stamp Flower image from Unity using clear Embossing Ink, add gold embossing powder, tap of extra and heat set.
3) Adhere Black Cardstock to Gold Card stock using glue dots. Adhere all to card base
4) Adhere Mica Tile using PPA Glossy.

Done! easy and fun!


Terri Sproul

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mixed Media - Art House

I am so sorry I have not been updating my blog the last week. so Not like me.. I have done a lot of Art in the last week. Just did not post them.
Anyways, here is a project I have been working on. It's a Mixed Media project working with lots of different products. These Chip Board houses are just too much fun to play with.
Let me know if you would like me to make a video on this project. Will be teaching this project in a class soon. More info to come....


Terri Sproul

Sunday, July 18, 2010

UsArtQuest DT - Altered Book Project

It's time to check out what the Design Team for UsArtQuest made this time. This Time around we receive some Art Paper (really cool stuff with some thickness to it), Mica Tiles, and PPA Gloss, another wonderful kit. You too can make this Altered Book Project by purchasing all your supplies at UsArtQuest website. I have been want to do some more pages in my Altered book so it was natural for me to think about using the Mica as a window. So Here are the directions for what I did. If you have never started an Altered book yet, I have a Altered Book 101 on my Youtube channel, go check it out.

Supply List:
PPA in both Gloss and Matte
Mica Tiles
Mica Paints
European Napkins
Art Paper
Fine Liner Tool

Effectz - Gold
Letter Stickers, Butterfly Definition Sticker
Wood Fence
Memories Dye Inkpad "Plum"

1) Adhere two small sections of your altered book pages together with PPA Matte. If this is your first Altered book check out my video on Youtube on adhering pages together.

2) cut a square hole just smaller then the piece of Mica Tile you plan on using. I cut my square out with Sharp blade and a metal ruler. You need to cut this square in both section of the book pages. I cut the first section when use that section for a template to cut the second section. Place a Cutting Matt between your pages so you don't cut anything you don't want to cut. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WITH KNIFES!

3) Using PPA Glossy adhere your Mica Tile between the two sections of Pages you adhered together. Then glue the two sections together again using your PPA Matte. So your Mica Tile will be in the middle of the two sections of Pages you adhered together.

4) Adhere using PPA Matte your Art Paper to back page (this would be the page that the window is look at). I cut a few extra flower from the Art Paper that I had left after adhere to back page of my book. I used those extra flower I cut out around the window later. Set them aside.

5) Paint page with window using Light Pink Acrylic Paint, while paint is still WET sprinkle in Effectz in Gold (remember you only need a little of this to achieve the effectz needed)

7) do the same with the opposite page - but paint this page with light purple and add the Effectz to wet paint. Love this look! I only wish the photo show how cool is really is.... WOW!

8) Cut Butterfly from European Napkins (from out last kit). Add the butterfly to my page. This two butterfly i used we left over from the ATC I made. Used the Fine Liner and Mica Paints to add detail to my butterfly. Also added Mica Paint using my Fine liner around the window and page. Added Mica Paint to edges of book pages.

9) Stamps flourish using Memories Plum Ink to bottom of one page. Added Wooden Fence under my window. Added Sticker letter "My" and "Dream Land". The butterfly Definition sticker as a word. Making my Title of this page "My Butterfly Dream Land"

Well that is the basic of my Altered Book Pages! I hope you enjoyed this project and please stop back by again to see what else I did with this UsArtQuest Kit. I have a really cool ATC technique I will be showing later this week. Using the Mica Tiles, and the ARt Paper. Stop by each of my fellow team mates blogs and see what then did - all of their link are on the right side of my blog under "My fellow team mates". PLEASE leave me a comment, I really do look forward to read them.

Terri Sproul

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

UsArtQuest DT - ATC Card

Here is another ATC I made using those Amazing Napkins Remember you can do this project with me by purchasing the supplies at UsArtQuest.

PPA Matte (Perfect Paper Adhesive)
Mica Color - Jewels
Effectz - Opal
All supplies can be purchased at UsArtQuest website.


Cut out the main images from your Napkin that you want to be your focal Image. I cut out the flower and the butterflyes. I cut out all the butterflies in the one side of the Napkin and used the left over images for another project.

The Napkins have 3 layer to them. One layer is the colored image and the other two layer are all white. I got rid of the two layer that are all white and and only use the color images.
Cut your Napkin into small pieces (NOT your main images, what is left over from you Napkin)

cover the whole ATC with PPA and start adding small pieces of the Napkin

continue to add piece of the Napkin until you have most of the ATC covered (sorry this picture is not very clear - But I think you get the idea!)

When you are happy with your ATC.

Start Adding your Main Images using you PPA again.

Let your images fall off the edges of the ATC - cut the extra off when you are happy with the design.

Add a little water to you WaterColor Palette.

Paint edges of the ATC with the Watercolor Palette

Add Effectz into the PPA and mix. Paint over the Butterflies only to add some Sparkle. (sorry about this picture not being very clear)

Well I hope you enjoy this project. If you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to help you out!!!!
Please leave me some love! =)


Terri Sproul

Sunday, July 4, 2010

USArtQuest DT

I hope you were all shopping this week at the UsArtQuest website so you can play with the UsArtQuest DT. It Time to see what the UsArtQuest DT has been up to this past two weeks.

We receive the most amazing kit in the mail two weeks ago. Told to have fun. The Kit was a Napkin ATC kit, with the most amazing Napkins I have every seen. WOW! For Starters I love ATC - amazing little works of art.

I have made a few different ATC for you and I will post a different one every day this week. So stop back by and see what I have made. I made a video with this ATC and I can get it to load on my blogger (Too Large of a file) I am hope to get it posted on my Youtube Channel so please stop by there and see the video on how to make these wonderful ATC.

Supply List (reminder if the product is highlighted it a link to the site where the product can be purchased)

PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive)
Glaze "Yellow Ochre" from Golden
Blank ATC

Ink: Memories Dye "ruby", Palette "Water Lily Green", India Ink
paint brush
Stamps: "Artist Trading Card" from Catelife Press, "Flourish Trio" by HeroArts,
Flourish (3408G) by JuniKins (this is the one on the Travel ATC)
Clear Gesso
Make up Sponge

Lots of Fun going on here at my blog this week. More ATC using this Napkin Kit. Friday is Festive Friday here on my blog. I am doing Christmas Cards every Friday this month.
Please take a few minute and leave me a comment and stop by my fellow teammates blogs and see what they made. I know I will be, their blog links are on the right hand side of my blog under "my fellow teammates". Hope to see you back a few time this week! :-)
Terri Sproul

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

I am so in Love with Alice In Wonderland and everything that goes with it. I believe I am a child at heart and this show just make me smile =).
Stamps: Classic Alice Stamps by Oxford Impressions and the Mushroom is from Stampotique
Ink: India Ink
Faber-Castell Color Pencils

I am enter this card into the Alice in Wonder Blog. Check it out It's all Wonderland!
Terri Sproul

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Festive Friday - Christmas Card #9

It's time to get back to doing Festive Fridays. so the whole month of July is Christmas in July here on my blog and my friend Bronwyn's blog! So here is my first Christmas Card for July. I hope you have been following along. I should have a few more cards on there. Check under Festive Fridays.

Stamps: Stampotque Antique Lace, branch and Christmas Quote
Ink: Stamp and Stick GluePad, Palette "White", and Black India Ink
Clear Vinyl cover: cut to size to made cardbase: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
White Glossy Carstock
Purple Cardstock
Red Veritage Metal Leaf
Round Punch - Large one
Silver Cardstock
Small Piece of Wire

1) Ink Antiuqe Lace with Stamp and Stick Glue Pad - stamp image onto Glossy White Cardstock. (it's clear so you will not see much of the image). Heat set ink until ink becomes sticky (read directions on GluePad). Place Metal Leaf over image. Using a soft brush remove extra metal Leaf. (Metal Leaf can be placed into a tupperware container to reuse later!)
2) Place Image into Circle Punch (see sample for placement). Cut a small silver square for top of Ornament. Place small peace of wire on top of silver cardstock using you GLUEDOTS.
3) Stamp Branch using White Palette Ink pad on front of Clear Vinyl covers (used for Cardbase)
4) Adhere Ornament using GLUEDOTs to look as if it's hanging from Branch.
5) On Purple cardstock stamp Christmas Quote using Black India Ink. Adhere purple cardstock to inside of card.

take some time to leave me some love (in a form of a comment). And please stop by and see Bronwyn blog and see what she made for us! I know I will be! =)
Stop back each Friday of this month and see more Christmas Cards. Monday July 5th is the next time the UsArtquest Team is showing off there stuff, I am sure I will see you back for that. Just a sneak peak - there is a video on Monday's Post!!!!!
Terri Sproul =)