Friday, May 6, 2011

Pencil Holder for Dad!

While being a part of the Glue Dots Design Team I came up with this idea. Hope you like
I was think about making a Father's Day gift that Dad could use in his office and came up with this Pencil Holder. I am really into Steampunk right now and it's manly! so this has a Steampunk Theme to it... Hope you like


Glue Dots ®: craft and continues Lines

Creative Paperclay

Pencil Holder from UsArtQuest

Acrylic Paint: Latte

Brown Ribbon

Amazing Putty to make a mold of Gears

Gold and copper paint

Stamp: Steampunk Background from Viva Las Vegastamps!

Metallic Rub-ons from Craf-T Products – these are a metallic cream rub-on to add highlights to embossed images


1) Make a Mold of a Gear using Amazing Molding Putty: After you have made the mold – make two or three Paperclay gears. Set aside to dry.

2) Paint Pencil holder with “latte” Acrylic Paint – No need to paint all just the edges – just in case your Creative Paperclay did not cover the whole Pencil Holder

3) Roll out Paperclay to about ¼” thick and wrap around Pencil Holder while still wet. Press Steampunk Background Stamp into clay. Set aside to dry

4) When Creative PaperClay is dry – paint with “latte” acrylic Paint. Paint Creative PaperClay gear with Gold and Cooper Paint. The I used “Sky Blue” Metallic Rub-ons – I added a little of the color to my fingers and rub-on the PaperClay Steampunk stamped image – this help bring out the image in the clay.

5) Use My Glue Dots® Crafts to adhere my Creative Paperclay to Pencil Holder.

6) Used My Glue Dot® Continues Lines to add my ribbon to both the top and bottom of the Pencil Hold to give a finished look. Glue Dots® crafts work great to add the Creative PaperClay Gear to the Pencil Holder for a finishing touch..

Here is a close up photo -

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