Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Butterfly in the Rain

ImageButterfly in the Rain

Stencil - I used a Butterfly image
Golden Paints:  Molding Paste
Pallet Knife
White Gesso
Canvas - or this can be done on paper
Spray Bottle filled with Water
1)  Paint your canvas or paper with White Gesso, set aside to dry.
2)  lay Stencil on canvas and with your Pallet Knife spread a thin coat of Molding Paste over the stencil.  (Like you are adding icing to a cake).  I did two butterfly on my canvas.  Set aside to dry
3)  Wet your canvas with a water using a Spray bottle.  Start adding your Niji Splash Inks - Since these colors will not muddy, you can just have fun.  Remember to let them drip too.    Fill your canvas with color until you are happy.  
Super Easy, Now go have fun 
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Terri Sproul 
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