Monday, June 9, 2014

Playing with my Zing Cutting Machine

I love all the wonderful thing you can do with your Zing cutting machine.  Let me tell you about what I did with it.  I personally can't draw very well and need to make a canvas for a baby shower..  So, I took a photo of the mommy to be.......
After take a photo of the mommy to be, I put it into PhotoShop and trace the outside of the image and save that.  Place that into my Make the Cut folder..  Place a Clear Transparency on my matte and cut myself out a stencil of the mommy to be.

used PanPastels in the background (pastel pink and purple).  Place butterfly stencils from SinCity stamps on my Pan Pastel background and spray over them with Pink and Purple Dye spray.  (had to make my own, all my color where too rich (I want something soft).
Place Stencil I made with my Zing cutting Machine on my canvas and used Pink paint to color the image in.  Add a heart from music paper that has (my life) words in the heart.  Trace the image to bring her out more and I was done.

Love the way this turn out and the great technique using my Zing Cutting Machine.

thanks for stopping by today

Terri Sproul
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