Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thank you to Dreamwesver Stencils

As most of you know I have been the guest designer for Dreamweaver Stencil this whole month,  Today is my last post.  So far all of my post has been Canvas and I want to make something different, so today I make a Thank You card for Dreamweaver to say "Thanks for having me"

start off with a black paper.  Sorry about the glossyness, 
Added Golden Polmer Medium to my black cardstock and sprinkled the Metallic F/X onto the wet Plymer Medium (Gloss)  the reason it's glossy at this point.  Let that dry.  To make sure the Metallic F/X was not going to come off, I spray with a Workable Fixatif from Krylon

I had a Thank You stencil from Dreamweaver and embossing paste, but I need color, add a few drop of Florescent Orange to the embossing paste and mixed well.  Then I added my Thank You to my background. let dry

since my background is glossy and will not tke a photo well I add Gel Medium Matte on top of the whole background and let that dry.  While my Gel Medium was still wet I added my Die Cut leaves to the bottom

here is a close up of the background technique I used.  love this affect.  Here is the rest of the Dreamweaver Design Team.  Go by each of their blog and see what they did.  


Thanks for stopping by......
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