Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fairy house

I have a old metal bed that was in my home when we purchase in 2003, I always want to do something cool with it.  So I decided to make a fairy village.  Start by putting some burlap on the bed and added soil....  add a few flowers and a glass mushroom or two.  BUT i need a house for the fairy to stay, my bff does thing with gourds and I seen this one in her collection and knew it's was my fairy house.

Started by paint my gourd with a Teal color.  Then I got out my Creative Paperclay and started adding windows and doors.  I want more,so i add small piece of Creative Paperclay on the side to made to the look of rocks.

Now it's time to have fun....  got out my paints and started to paint, added pink to the window and door knob, yellow inside the windows, painted the rocks to look as real as possible.  When I was done, I use a outside clear finishing spray.  But when i was done, i need a walk way, so I got my Creative Paperclay out again and made a few stepping stones.

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