Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy girl

today I had the need to play in my art journal
Have you ever had one of those days????

Well I did have one of those day 
and I had to play in my Art journal to make me happy again
got my Ebrush out and here is what I made

Happy Girl - Mad Girl Art Journal Page

Start off with these clear stamps
had to use them in a complete different way then 
what they are made for - stamping

As you see I use the stamps as a MASK
yes, I placed them on my CottonWood Art Journal page
and using My Ebrush and Specium Noir Markers - I spray around them

Stamps are from

Stamps the girl stamp on the bottom of each page
color each girl different

Add word inside of each quote box
and a few more details with a black pen
and Now I feel so much better

thanks for stopping by
Terri Sproul 

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