Monday, February 16, 2015

What is my Favorite Art Journal

Most of you know I host a weekly live show and  I love to play in my Art journal,   There are so many different art journals out there, which one do I pick.  I spend most of a year looking at different art journals, took me a while, but I found it..
What was I looking for?
       *  Page weight of at least 90 LBS
       *  One with a cover I could altered when I finished my book
       *  One that did not bleed thought
       *  Good Price
       *  Easy to find - to purchase more of the same so most of my book where alike

So you ask, what Art Journal is it?  It's a Cottonwood Art Journal - Cold Press 5 x 7
My book still look amazing when there are all art up
not like the one you see on the left side
I love the front cover on there books, as I can altered  them when I am done

Click Here to purchase 

Hope you enjoy this information 
Terri Sproul 

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