Friday, January 15, 2010

Spring is in the air

Materials list:

  • Sweetbrier Studio Molds: Mini Mold Hummingbird #1504, Oak Arbor #1020
  • 10 black tags die cut using Sizzix® die cut machine. (Optional: purchase ten tags in your choice of color, approx 5" x 3 1/2", at an office supply store.)
  • Primary Elements by LuminArte®: colors: Glitter Red, Sun Bust, Chestnut Brown, Iridescent
  • Green, Moss Green, Stargazer, True Blue, Lemongrass,
  • 2 Slide Mounts by color Olive green
  • Fibers: EK Success Adornments: Yellow/green
  • Paper: Magic Scrap, or other appropriate paper.
  • Loose leaf ring from an office supply store
  • Green cardstock: Small piece approx. 1" X
  • Stapler and staples
  • Pencil
  • White Pen – to journal on black cardstock tags
  • Metal Embellishments: DCWV®
  • Rub-ons: K & Company Spring
  • Key Charm: EK Success
  • Favorite adhesive: Crafter’s Pick™ Memory Mount is mine. (If using polymer clay embellishments, use a strong glue such as E-6000® or The Ultimate Glue® to attach baked parts.)
  • Sharpie Marker: Black
  • Brads: Little Black Dress
  • Scissors and Personal Trimmer, Circle and Oval Cutter

Using Paper Clay mold the following using Oak Arbor mold #1020: (4) Dragonflies D-1, (1) Stick, (2) leaves L-2, (2) leaves L-1. Using Hummingbird mold #1504; (4) leaves, (8) flowers, and (2) Hummingbirds. Set aside to dry.

To demold, slightly flex the mold while using your thumbs to pull the part loose around all sides. Gently push up on the molded part from the bottom as you flex the mold to lift or tip the part from the mold.


  1. Cut, from black cardstock, 10 Super Crescent Tag from Sizzix® or use purchased tags. Put the Loose Leaf ring through the hole in all 10 tags. With all of the tags to the right of the loose-leaf ring, the top tag will be the cover.
  2. Open the cover page. There will be one page on left side of loose leaf ring and one page on right side of ring. These first two pages will be 1A & 1B, Put a large X on both of these pages (1A & 1B) – YOU WILL NOT BE DECORATING THESE PAGES.
  3. Turn the page – these two pages will be 2A & 2B and will be decorated.
  4. Turn the page again to pages 3A & 3B– Put a large X on both of these pages, turn the page again – these two pages will be decorated.
  5. Continue this until you get to the back cover. The pages with the large X’s on them are the backs of your finished pages. Do not create anything on X’d pages as these will be stapled or glued together when finishing and will not show.
  6. Pages to be decorated: adhere the pattern papers. See pictures for placement.
  7. Paint the embellishments using the LuminArte® Primary Pigments with a tiny bit of water: Hummingbirds: Lemongrass, Glitter Red at chest, Iridescent green on all wings, and chestnut brown on beak and the black Sharpie marker for his eye. Flowers: Sunburst and Glitter Red. Stick: Chestnut Brown. Dragonflies: Paint two using True Blue and Stargazer and two using Moss Green and Iridescent green. Leaves: Moss Green and Sunburst.
  8. Glue the finished embellishments to the pages. (If using polymer clay embellishments, use a strong glue like E-6000® or The Ultimate Glue®.
Here is Page 1 and page 2

Here is Page 3 and page 4

Here are pages 5 and 6

Here are pages 7 and 8

Here are pages 9 and 10

9. Cover: Using one olive green slide mount over a Rub-On “Spring is in the Air”. Place the rub-on onto white card stock. Cut to 2” x 2” and place under slide mount and adhere.

10. In addition to the cover, page 5 has a slide mount with a photo in it. Cut photo to 2” x 2” and adhere under slide mount. In the sample a ribbon is wrapped around the bottom of the slide mount. A Key charm is attached to the ribbon
11. More embellishment Ideas:
a. cut about a 3” piece of ribbon fold in half and staple or glue to the tag or photo.
b. Vellum quote adhere with brads- when finished with all pages you will not see the backside of your brad.
c. Ribbon: Wrap the ribbon around to the back of the page and glue/adhere to the back of the page. Remember, it will not show after finishing.
12. THE BIG FINISH: You should now have all of the pages decorated and the pages marked with an “X” are NOT decorated. Remember, these pages are every other set of pages.
13. Tabs: Cut 3 piece of green cardstock to 1” x 1”. Fold the cardstock in half to make ‘tabs’ 1/2” x 1”. Set aside.
14. Adhere cover and the first page together; the pages with the “X” should be in-between. Staple the 1/2” x 1” green folded cardstock to edge to be used as a tab (or glue the tab between the pages), as shown. Continue to adhere the X’d pages together, adding tabs as shown.

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