Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ATC - Queen Kat Designs

ATC - little works of Art - I just love making these things.
ATC - from Strathmore
Stamps: "Mushroom", "Create" and "Barbed Wire" all from Queen Kat
Ink: Memories Chalk "Pale Olive", Memories Chalk "Faded Lavender" Memories Dye Ink "Plum
Copic Markers
Memories Resist

1) Stamp Mushroom onto ATC using "Pale Olive".
2) Add Memories Resist to top of Mushroom image to protect from the "barbed wire" stamp. Set aside to dry. When Memories Resist turns clear it dry and we are ready to add more stamped images.
3) Stamp Barbed Wire stamp across the top of the ATC using Memories Dye "plum"
4) Peel off Memories Resist and color in Mushroom image with Copic Markers
5) Stamp "Create" using India Ink on left side
6) using a Make-up sponge - sponge on "faded Lavender" ink over all of image

Another Work of Art done....
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