Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easter Eggs

Here is a fun way to make your Easter Eggs this year. Let your imagination go wild with Memories Mists and Memories Resist.


Eggs – hard boiled or remove the insides

Memories Mists – any color you want

Memories Mists – Iridescent –

Memories Resist

Additional embellishments as desired


1) Hard boil your eggs or use the old blow them out method. To Do the blow out method: You poke a small hole in both end of the egg carefully. You blow into the hole on one end and the egg will come out of the hole on the other end.

2) Make sure you egg is DRY, this is a very important step – because the Memories Resist will not stick to a wet egg.

3) Draw any design or image you want onto the egg surface. Then you open your bottle of Memories Resist you will notice a small nib, which will allow you to make many different designs on the surface of your eggs. Set your eggs aside to dry, you will know your Memories Resist is dry when it turns from a milky blue color to almost clear, with will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

4) After the Memories Resist is dry, it turns from a milky blue color to clear, spray with Memories Mists (any color you want), if you want to add more then one color let the Memories Mists dry between each color.

5) Peel off the Memories Resist to revile your design.

6) Finish off your egg with Memories Mist Iridescent Spray.

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