Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super Bowl Pennant

Super bowl Pennant

By Terri Sproul


Glue Dots®: Continuous Lines, Micro, and Mini

Cardstock – two color – use team colors – my sample is Black and Gold

Die Cut Letter: I used Punches from EK Success.

Sticks – I used Wood Skew – the one you would get for food.

1) Started with Team color Cardstock – Me that Black and gold. Steeler fan!

2) Cut a 12” x 12” Gold cardstock into 6” x 12” then into 4” x 6”. You should end up with 6 Pennant. Then cut each of the 4” x 6” square into Triangles..

3) I cut out different words for each of my Pennants: Including: “go Team”, D-fence”, Touchdown!, I did all of my letter in black Cardstock. I have letter punches that I used, but you can cut letter from what ever die cut machine you might have.. I adhere by letter with the new Micro Glue Dots®

4) Add ribbon to the edge of the Pennant with my Continuous Line Glue Dots®

5) On back side of Pennant (the 4” side), I added Continuous Line Glue Dots® again and adhere my stick.

This is a super easy project for your superbowl party this year. These can go into a large flower arrangement or just sitting on the table... Have fun..

I did this project while be apart of the Glue Dots Design team....


Terri Sproul

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