Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art Journal #3

Had another amazing Tuesday Night with all of you, If you did not join me remember to join me May 28th, 2013 starting at 6PM PST or 9PM EST (New York Time).  if you add your name and email to my email list your will get a reminder and a Link to join me...
Supply List:
Acrylic Paints:  Leaf Green, Interferance Blue, Neon Pink,
Ink:  Staz-on - Red
Pens:  White and black
Embossing Paste - but you could use UsArtQuest 101 or Golden Molding Paste
Elmer's Glue for the crackle
Stamps - Letter stamps from Stampotique and Journaling stamps from Sincity Stamps
Gel Medium or PPA from UsArtQuest
Glaze Medium - or goldend Pre-made Glaze
Stencils from The Crafter's Warehouse I purchase mine at Altered
PRIZE for last week was a bottle of Hand Cleaner from Joy of Stamping
 Love how this Stencil from The Crafter's Warehouse turn out, I used Dreamweaver Embossing Paste to get the dimention.  but you can use lots of other Supplies, Like Gesso, UsArtQuest 101, Golden's Molding Paste,
 I love this Stamps from SinCity Stamps, one of the Journaling Plate stamps I came up- with.  I show you how to cut it so you can use it in different ways.. 
 I was hoping this week you would take a Chance and Be Brave and think out of your comfort zone..  Pick up a fun new Medium this week or a fun paint.  Here are two paints that were extra fun for me this week.  I purchase:  Neon PINK and Interference Blue Paint.  I love how both of them worked.  I was a Little scare of the Neon Pink but look how cool it turn out.  and the Huge of Blue on the page is amazing....
I also love the way the paper in the background turn out..  WOW, you can barely see it.. but it's amazing...

Now here is the video feed from last week:  Hope you enjoy - remember to post your pages on my group called "All thing Terri Sproul" on facebook so you can play along. Next time I am give a set of Journal Stamps to the winner of the contest.  So make sure you join me.  HERE is a SNEAK peak at the GRAND prize if you do all the pages I did.  CLICK HERE

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