Friday, May 17, 2013

Fantasy Sakura Blog Hop

I just love a blog hop
You should have just come from Sakura blog.  Remember to go back to Sakura Blog when you are done check out each of our blog to tell them which project you like the best and you will be enter to win some Crystal Lacquer.  Did you see that the blog has a great coupon!  Hope you use it soon!

Supply list:
Crystal lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixers:  Gold Dust, Tantenite Pearl, Purple Shimmer, Citrine Shimmer, and Rose Shimmer
old T-Shirt
Creative Paperclay® 
White Pen
Black Pen
white and purple Acrylic Paint for her face only
Face and hand Mold

Basic Directions:
I form her basic shape with wire, and then cover most with Aluminium Foil,  I add Creative Paperclay into a Face and Hand mold, while still wet I added them to the wire form.  Let dry over night.
Made a set of wing from wire adhered to a transparance and fill in with Citrine Shimmer Mixers 

After the Creative Paperclay® was completely dry I sanded if need and painted with a mixer of while and purple acrylic paint.  Then I started to add the T-Shirt mixed in Paverpol to make her dress.  Remember to add your wing in while doing this step.  Let dry for two days.

When she was dry I started to paint her, I started with a Tanzanite Pearl, I almost always start with a Pearl and then add my Shimmers.  I added Purple, Cirtine, Rose, and Gold Dust to her.  
Love the way she turn out.   

Hope you enjoy my project and become a follower of my blog.  I have fun stuff going on here, so stop back soon.  thanks for check my blog out.  
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Hope you have a CREATIVE day!
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