Saturday, June 1, 2013

UsArtQuest LIVE Broadcast

OMG, if you missed this show, you missed out on a great time

The Three of us had a blast showing off 

Now you want to win a PRIZE!!!!
DVD from UsArtQuest
sorry the photo is NOT good...  

leave a comment with the THREE Key words from the show 
before June 8th and you could win this DVD

IF you enjoy that, please join Peg Round and Me next week -
June 8th for a Fun Day with "The Muse Box" 
if you order you box this weekend - she will give you $10 OFF!

JUNE 8th, 2013
at 11am EST

Stop by on June 9th to see if you won.
Leave me some LOVE

Terri Sproul 

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