Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Birch Tree

Birch Trees

This Project is one of my personal favorites, 

Splash Inks
Traditional Chines Ink - Ultra Black 
Golden Titan Buff


1)   Paint Canvas with Blue Splash Ink - I watered down a drop of Blue Splash inks and wash it over my canvas.  
2)  I hand drew three birch trees, fill them with Titan Buff paint, when that was dry I out line with a very small paint brush and Traditional Chinese Ink.  Also adding the line for the trees bark.  
3)  using the Blue Splash Ink I darkend around the edges to add some demention.  
4)  I wrote out the quote with the Traditional Chinese Ink and a small paint brush.

I made this Canvas for a friend house, she has a Cabin on Palomar Mountain on Birch Hill Road, and she has been asking me to paint her a canvas for her bathroom in the city.  I know she love her little mountain cabin on Birch Hill, so this is what I made for her.

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Terri Sproul 
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