Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trick or Treat

It's time to Trick or Treat your way into your Art Journals...  Here is my treat for YOU
Trick or Treat your Way 

Group:  please join to win prizes:  All Thing Terri Sproul on FACEBOOK

Design Team Calls:  Creative Papeclay and Arnold Grummer 

Stencil:  Andy Skinner 
CottonWood Art Journal
baby wipes
Sharpie - Black
Black Acrylic Paint
make up sponge
crow Stamps
Stamps:  Bottles - plate of stamps
India Ink
Cat Stamps - Maybe a Stampit Up stamp????
Trick or Treat Stamps
Spider:  From
Splash Inks
Liqutex Ink

Here is your video class:  

Hope your join me next Tuesday Night....
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