Sunday, November 7, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Clock

12 days of Christmas clock I made.

In the Holiday Issue of RubberstampMadness I featured with a project called 12 Days of Christmas Garland project. To Match that project I came up with this one! I really like it. and It is a working clock..

Supply List

Charger from EcoArt
12 - 2" x 2" Ecoart Boards from Rubberstamp concepts
12 days of Christmas Rubberstamps from Stampinton and company - make sure you get the rubberstamp ones - because the clears ones are smaller then the rubbetstamp ones.
colored pencils - Fiber-Castell's - my personal favorite
India Ink -Stewart Superior
1/2 Foil tape - any color you want..
I use Wrapping pager for the center of the charger
clock parts. I purchase mine at Micheal's
Green Acyclic Paint
Clean embossing Powder and Clean embossing Ink
Mod Pod
small hand drill for hole for clock...
Glue Dots


1) Put one coat of Acyclic Paint on the whole Charge - I did two coats total...
2) Stamp each of your 2 x 2 ecoArt Board with the 12 days of Christmas using India Ink. color in each of the image with your colored pencils.
3) After your coloring is done - coat each days with clear embossing ink and embossing powder and heat set.. ( you can ink around the edges- DO this before you emboss)
4) wrap each of the tile with foil tape...
5) Cut out of wrapping paper your center - i used a plate that was the same size as my center of this charge to trace around to make my center.
6) Adhere center with Mod Pod...
7) find center of clock and drill a small hole.
8) Add clock!

Hang and enjoy!!!

Terri Sproul
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