Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embossing with two color - one image

I am proud to announce that I have the honor of being Scroll Work Stamps Guest Designer for the month of November. I receive about 15 or so stamps from them. There stamps are amazing and they are unmounted, how cool is that. This save space and make them a wonderful price so I can purchase more. I just did a post last week on how to use your unmounted stamps. It's the Glue Dots Tip #2 - please check it out and I hope it helps...

Supply List - word that are highlight are link to the products website.
Stamps: Scroll Works - I used: "NOEL" #8005 , Pinecone Corner #8055, "Solid Holly" #8059,
Embossing Ink:
Palette WaterMark Inkpad

Embossing Powder: Green and Cooper
Heat gun
Red and Green Cardstock
Gold Cardstock
Corner Punch
Gold Leaf
Palette Stamp and stick Gluepad

White Glossy Cardstock
Pop UP Glue Dots

Step 1
Ink image with Embossing ink and ink onto white cardstock. HINT: if you stamp this image onto another piece of scrap paper with black ink, you will be able to use that image as a reference for the next step.
Step 2
Sprinkle small amounts of the two color of embossing powder you will need to cover your image. Use very small amounts (because you will not be able to safe the extra on this one - SORRY).

Step 3
Tap off extra embossing powder and heat set. It's that just too cool...

Step 4

Ink Image with Palette Stamp and Stick Gluepad

Step 5

heat Stamp and Glue ink with you heat gun for about 30 seconds, this make your ink sticky for the next step

Step 6
Add Gold Leaf onto image. Remove extra gold left HINT: all of you extra leaf can be saved, I personal put in all into a tubberware bowl with all other color of leaf and this make a great mix of my leafs..

I like to use this very sad looking brush to remove my extra gold leaf. I only use this brush to do this technique.

Step 7

I used my Palette Embossing and Watermark Inkpad and Scrolls Work "Solid Holly" stamp to add a watermark image to the red cardstock which is the base of my card.

Step 8
I matted my main image with gold cardstock after I punch each of the corner with a corner punch. I matted the "Noel" image with Green Cardstock and used a POP UP Glue Dot. Just adhere all your piece together. This word be a really easy card to make for your Christmas Cards this year, so head over to Scrolls Work and purchase some of their stamps. You will be amazed at the prices. all Three stamps for this card are under $10. WOW!!!

If you have any question please let me know. Be glad to help you out. Stop back soon, I plan on flocking soon! Exciting....


Terri Sproul
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