Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Butterfly Frame

This year Christmas is going to be tight, my husband is being laid off on Dec 1st until March 1st. it's going to be a long 3 months. So I am coming up with idea for Christmas Gifts this year on a budget. I pick this frame up at the 99 cent store. It's so NOT my style. So off to my studio and see what I can do with it...

There was some green ribbon around the edges that I took off before this photo was taken. Sorry but had to go.... NOW. LOL

First thing I did was paint the whole frame with Black Gesso from Golden. Gesso is a primer! it's covers almost everything... Set aside to dry

Off to find a perfect stamp or two. I have these two fern stamps from PSX - yes they are older stamps but they are perfect for this frame. You can use lots of stamps for this technique. Ink up my stamp with Palette Stamp and GluePad.

To activate this Glue you need to heat with your heat gun for about 30 second.

Using a small soft paint brush add a very small amount of Accent Powders - you can mix your accent powder if you please. use a cotton ball to remove the extra powder

I stamped a few butterfly onto white card stock and colored in the image. I used watercolor pencils and twinkling H20'S

I personal don't like to cut out the annetas out on a butterfly - so i cut them off. and use wire to add them back on.. I cut a small piece of wire and fold in half and curl the ends

sorry this photo is blurry.... but you see what you wire should look like at the end... I attach this wire to the back of my butterfly with my Glue Dots...
I did make 3 butterfly and adhere them to my frame again with my Glue Dots. Can't live without them...

I love the look of the Accent Powder against the Black backgound.. This is more amazing in person. Wish you all could see it... Well maybe you are getting it for Christmas, you will just have to wait and see if Santa bring it for you. Have you been a good girl/boy this year????

I wrote this post while be apart of Glue Dots Design Team. Hope you enjoy this product and you get your Glue Dots out...

Terri Sproul
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