Monday, February 28, 2011

Paperclay Steampunk book

I am just in love with steampunk right now.. So I made this amazing book out of paperclay and binded the book with Safety Pins, just like the tiny little steampunk book I made a few weeks ago... I do have a video showing how to bind this book will be up in a future post. I need to go to the city to upload the video. Sorry :(

Supply List

Alchohol ink: pesto, ginger, butterscotch

Memories Mist: Pale Ale

Memories Ink Pads: Ruby, Plum,

India Ink Pad

Palette InkPads: Cognac, Raw Sienna

Acyclic Paints: Shade of Browns

3-D Crystal Lacquer

Jewelry Findings from Sakura Hobby Craft

Stamps: Plate #1267 (steampunk), Fireman with Hose, Hand,

Paper clay

Red Line Tape


Safety Pins (my book I used 8 safety pins

Door Knob – by 7 gypsies

Clock parts – I purchase a used clock at a garage sale and took it apart.

Large old fashion keys. – I got one from K& company, the other is a real old key

Grunge – dies from Tim Holtz – I used the hingers,

Mini, larger tags

Old Fashion Safety pin – I did not use this one on the binding.

Glue Dots


1) First make you paper clay book as seen in the video. Set aside to dry over night or in the LOW oven…

2) Measure you finished and dry paperclay book to figure out what size to make your pages. My book is about 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” – so I made my pages 3 ¾” x 3 ¾”. So I cut out 4 pages out of Cardstock to measure 3 ¾” x 7 ½” and folded the pages in half. IMPORTANT to read #3 first.

3) Before I cut my pages out. I started with 2 – 8 ½” x 11” cream cardstock and added Tim Holtz gear and clock masked to my cardstock spray each of the cardstock with Memories Mist “Pale Ale” over the maskes.. Do this on both sheets of cardstock. Then cut out your pages…

4) Now just have fun. I stamps different Steampunk images on my background and added lots of fun embellishments.

5) Once all my pages are done. I binded my book – see Video for this.

Cover: I painted with different color of brown Acrylic paint to make it look like leather.. Then I added the embellishments.

Here are all the pages....

Here is the first page. I used Tim Holtz mini grunge letter, ink with with a "plum" and "Ruby" ink. I used my new Micro Glue Dots for the letters. They work great for those mini letter...

Also checkout the key on the side, It is on a string, and I use it to keep the book closed. See how the background came out... Spray with Memories Mists and used Gear masks.. Love this look...

This is the next two pages. Here I used the Hinges from Tim Holtz. The stamps are all from Viva Las Vegas stamps. See the fireman - I stamp him in both "Ruby" and "India Ink" and cut him out and used Pop-Up Glue Dots to adhere. The suitcase is a Brad - yes a very large brad. The Finger is a stamp from Stampotique
I stamped and cut out image. Ink all edge to give a aged look.

Used that fireman stamp again from Viva Las Vegas stamps - great place to purchase your steampunk stamps they have lots of them..
I used come copper wire to hang a small key next to the Sakura Jewelry Finding, I made into an embellishment. Love the Big Farris Wheel stamp, Also from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.
Used a tag - folded it in half and add to side of page for a tab.

Lots going on here. The clock face is a real clock face and I used Tim Holtz Spinner for the center of the clock face. The Glass Tile embellishment is from Sakura. I made using their Glass Tile and steampunk clip art. The stamps are all from Viva Las Vegas Stamps
I used a tag and more clip art. See how I made the embellishment on the right side page with the gears in it.. That another Jewelry finding from Sakura, real clock gear and 3-D Crystal Lacquer.

This is all I am going to show you in this post. come back in a couple days and I will continue to show you the next 4 pages and a video on how to bind this book. also another video on how to make those embellishments I made from Sakura.

Terri Sproul
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