Friday, October 28, 2011

Steampunk Blog Hop


 Glad you join us on our Blog Hop...  I adore - did I say Adore - STEAMPUNK...  

Here is my first project I made it's a MINI - very Mini steampunk book
Here is the book cover
This is the inside of my mini book

All stamps are from Viva Las Vegastamps!
Glass Tiles:  1" x 2" from Sakura
3-D Crystal Lacquer
Small Gear
Inks:  Lots of Brown and light blue, olive, plum.....
Cream Cardstock

1)  Cut cardstock to 2" x 8" - Start stamping steampunk images using different shade of brown, add a little "olive", "purple" and "blue" in there....  
2)  after you are done with all the stamping for the inside - score the paper every 1" across...  According fold....  
3)  Stamp more steampunk image on what would be the cover of your book.  I used my 3-D Crystal Lacquer to adhere my Glass Tile to my front and back cover.  Adhere small gear to side to look like a closure (it's not - just for look) - used my Crystal lacquer for my adhesive...

If you have  a question on this project let me know...  

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